Marian Crawford, CEO Of Fiintrovert

Passionate about interior design, I share with you my inspirations, my decorating ideas, my DIY my home shopping tips on my blog. One of my favorite areas is children’s bedrooms. I like to mix styles according to my desires and my discoveries: vintage decoration, Scandinavian decoration, industrial decoration, bohemian and natural decoration inspired from elsewhere. My semi-open kitchen with a glass roof is inspired by industrial neo-vintage, while the living room is more Scandinavian-inspired.  I can find furniture or decoration in big stores as well as in a garage sale.

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About Me

I am a fan of homemade products, I am curious, I like to discover, learn, create, cook, travel and decorate!

Introverted by nature, I have always preferred to express myself in writing or through photos on Fiintrovert!

I’m in love with nature, passionate about decorating, baking and traveling. I like to see beauty wherever it is, immortalize it in photos, share it.

Fiintrovert’s personality

I share my favorite themes on an almost daily basis: everything I like, what strikes me, what I want from day to day! The little extra of my site is the rather offbeat way I present my discoveries. I try to make decoration or design a little less dramatic!

My main sources of inspiration 

The specialized print press is my main source of inspiration, but also other decoration/design blogs, trade shows, etc. I like to look at what is being done in other people’s homes, to detect what’s new. Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration for me.

My decoration style  

I am quite a fan of Scandinavian decoration. So black, white, light wood are elements that you can find a lot on my blog – and at home too!

The advice I give to my readers to create their own interior design

Knowing how to use media such as blogs or Pinterest to sort out your ideas… We often like a lot of different things, not necessarily in harmony with each other. These supports can help you to channel your tastes, to learn how to mix colors, patterns, etc…


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