It Will Be Done by Somebody (Should Be You)

Public business must always be done by somebody. It will be done by somebody or other. If wise man decline, others will not; if honest man refuse it, others will not.

Sometimes people sit back and say, “It will be done by somebody” and just coast. But did you ever think about who that somebody is? Did you ever think that that somebody is less talented, less moral, less creative, or more careless than you?

What if the experienced airplane deicing technician decided he didn’t want a management role and the tech who cut corners instead go the position?

Would we be safer on planes?

What if the most creative teacher left your kids’ school to go work at soul crushing desk job? As a result, some careerist teacher who works the system until his pension comes due takes over your child’s class?

That work for you?

What if the best quantitive finance mind joins the Peace Corp because she doesn’t want to work for Wall Street? Instead another banker gets a million dollar bonus he blows on drugs and bottle service.

I bet the Peace Corp could have used that million dollars.

What if the best person for the job is you, but you let someone else do it because you are self-righteous about an industry or don’t want to challenge yourself or you can’t bring yourself to play politics or sell out?

Today’s mindset is about constantly reminding yourself that the job will be done by someone. If you’re one of my readers and you’re here trying to improve yourself, I’d argue that you need to be that person excelling, leading, and accumulating wealth.

If not you, then it will be someone. Continue reading “It Will Be Done by Somebody (Should Be You)”

Build Your Snowball: How to Get Between $5 and $500 in Free Stock

How to get free stocks

In this post I’ll show you how to get a minimum of $5 in free stock and you could receive over $500 in free stocks with some persistence.

But first, why do I care, and more importantly why should you care, about $5 in free stock. Will a measly $5 help you reach financial independence?

Yes, $5 will help your reach financial independence. You are cultivating a mindset and a decision making process that, aggregated and compounded, leads to larger and larger gains.

Warren Buffet called it his snowball. You gather twenty $5 opportunities and you have $100. When you make ten $100 decisions then you have $1,000. After you negotiate a 1% reduction in a real estate commission on your $500,000 home sale and you have $5,000.

You do this for years and years and on a bigger and bigger scales and you accumulate wealth from you seemingly small actions.

Today, let’s add to our snowballs with some simple actions that will add $5, $20, and between $2.50 and $200 to our snowballs.  This should take less than twenty minutes meaning you pull in a minimum hourly return of $82.50.

Ready? Let’s get some free stock and have some fun.  Continue reading “Build Your Snowball: How to Get Between $5 and $500 in Free Stock”

7 Debt Reduction Steps for You: How I Destroyed Over $75,000 in Loans

The auto shop owner stood in front of me laughing in disbelief that I didn’t grasp my own debt situation.

“You are broke. You have nothing.”

Well, yes, technically I had much more debt than I did income or assets. But broke? I was from an upper-middle class family with a fancy private school education.

Surely I wasn’t broke.

And then it hit me. The quizzical look on the auto shop owner’s face said it all. I was responsible for my own life. No one was coming to save me. I was broke and had nothing. Continue reading “7 Debt Reduction Steps for You: How I Destroyed Over $75,000 in Loans”

Why I’m Thankful for Over $75,000 in Debt

This post is for everyone who reads about millennials traveling the world with a seven figure portfolios and thinks, “What the hell? How have they had these perfect financial lives and now they’re FI already?”

They likely didn’t.

Just like Instagram and Facebook, many blogs are curated to highlight the best parts of the author’s life.

It is just as important to understand the backstory of mistakes to give you motivation on your own journey to financial independence.

This post is part one of a three part series about my own journey from broke to building wealth.

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Yes Introverts, You Can Enjoy Your Job: Pursue Financial Independence

Introverts can struggle to find meaning in office work and become bored and resentful easilyAs an introvert, I had found the structured work environment unsatisfying. That is, until I figured it out. Well, I at least figured it out for myself. The pursuit of financial independence increased my job satisfaction and gave meaning to what was formerly meaningless (yup, even small talk). I believe it can for other introverts as well. Continue reading “Yes Introverts, You Can Enjoy Your Job: Pursue Financial Independence”