Should You Use a Mop or Steam Cleaner to Clean your Kitchen Tiles?

Should You Use a Mop or Steam Cleaner to Clean your Kitchen Tiles?

The kitchen is one of the places that you may want to use many tile cleaners on a weekly basis. You can use the traditional cleaning liquid but many people would rather use a steam cleaner because it does not work to well on the grout between tiles. Steam cleaning also will leave very dark streaks in the grout lines.

Sometimes a steam cleaner lightens the look to older tiles. If you want to maintain the old look, more and more homeowners are switching over to steam cleaning because it works very well on the grout lines. While you are cleaning, you can use a chemical cleaner along with water to go over the grout lines. The more often you clean the grout lines, the less often you have to clean the tiles afterward. Using a heavy duty liquid cleaner is a great way to clean your tiles and the grout lines.

There are a few things to remember. When you begin, make sure you have a clean mop to start, or try a bucket which will work just as well. You do not want to start off with the steam function on the machine or you could end up spilling very much water. After you get the splatter cleaned off, then you can get to actually cleaning the tile and grout.

It will be very depending on if the tile and grout membranes is a film on the SERmouth. Most often is a film being created between the claims which has been used as a sealant and the actual surface of the tiles. Tile spacers such as tooth brushes are also great for cleaning. Finish up with a supply of water and a cloth. You want to only use a clean cloth on the final area. You can pick up a steam cleaner by far and this way you are going to get the best service using the water you have.

As you begin, start with the cleaner, thoroughly go over the tile and grout lines with the steam machine. As you are going over the place, wipe down the actual corners where the water falls off the steam cleaner in the squeegee area. Wipe it off with a clean cloth to get the final clean off from the machine. Using a sponge, wipe the cleaner off and allow the place to dry. This area is usually black from the steam cleaner and can be knocked off with a chamois type cleaner to give it the look and feel of a new tile.