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Changing Your Home Décor Style on A Budget

When you start looking for a new style of home décor, you’ll see that it can be really expensive to change your entire look and feel in a short amount of time. You can save a lot of money by changing just a few things. Some things are just a little too expensive to change, like your bathroom fittings and external windows. However, some things can be changed quickly. For example, new cushions on your couch can change the look of your living room, whilst bedroom multi panel wall art can breathe new life into a bedroom. Similarly, kitchens can be changed by painting the cupboard doors a new colour, whilst a new rug can hide an ugly floor in seconds.

Aesthetics have always been a passion of mine. Whether I’m changing the décor at my house, or a room in someone else’s house, I love to find an affordable way to do it. When I first started writing my blog, I couldn’t do it without the help of some of my favourite DIY projects from other bloggers. I found myself constantly putting together another project, and then another, just to find out the same thing: I could have done it on my own. Simple changes can improve the aesthetics of a space drastically. Be it tabletop showpieces or some melodious woodstock chimes, you never know what can work out for your space unless you experiment with it. So, if you want to change the décor in your home but don’t want to hire a decorator or fork out tons of money, here are some tips for you to do it:

• Re-organize it

Before we get into the actual process of re-organizing our home, let’s discuss the basics. First, you’ll need to make sure your home is in good working order. If your room is a complete disaster, you’ll want to clean it thoroughly before you start rearranging. Additionally, you can also check if all the systems in your house are in proper working condition such as HVAC or water inlet/outlet, geyser, etc. If something is not functioning in these systems, your only option could be to call an expert and get those fixed otherwise you may face a sudden disaster such as a water pipe burst in the middle of the night flooding the entire house. However, for such situations, you may want to have the contact of 24 hr plumber Sydney or other such plumbing services in your location that operates round the clock and can help you in your time of need. Coming back to organizing, If you’re working with a small space, pick out the items you’ll keep and get rid of the rest. Second, you’ll need to find a system for your new décor. Some people begin by using an all-purpose kit, such as a basket for jewellery, a tray for books, and a tray for knickknacks. But others prefer to use a more specific approach.

• Shop in the Flea Markets

If you’re not yet familiar with the term “flea market,” we’ll explain: Flea markets are a great place to find great bargains, whether you’re looking for collectibles, clothing, furniture, electronics, home décor, or more. Why? Because people tend to be willing to part with items that they no longer need (and have no use for) for a price that’s often too good to pass up (or sell for any less than you paid).

• Splurge on the Stuffs You Use the Most

Spending money on the fixtures in your home can seem like an easy way to make room for more stuff, but it can also be a quick way to start spending money you don’t have. If you invest in the right things to make your home look updated, you can be on the path to living happier and healthier.

• Paint it

When it comes to home decorating, people tend to have very particular tastes or be very inexpensive. That is not to say that either of those are bad, but a lot of people are stuck in the middle. If you are on the more avant-garde side of the spectrum but don’t want to go completely overboard, you can make your home décor more unique by painting over one of the existing wall colours and adding some neon signs (find them on as well. The results are stunning, and it keeps your home decor from becoming too predictable, making it more timeless. What if you could just paint your wall and get the same interesting features as a lot of expensive paint, but for a lot less money? What if you could be the one in charge of what colour to paint your room but not have someone else tell you which colour to pick? What if you could get extra paint in your room without breaking the bank?

If you’re feeling a little out of the ordinary, it’s time to make a change to the decor of your home. While your home may have been impeccable in its previous living, you can change the way your home looks by changing the colours of your furniture and wall decorations. Not only is your home your castle, it can also be a reflection of yourself and your personality. Whether you’re decorating a bedroom or a living room, the way you choose to decorate will say a lot about you as an individual and how you’re going to live your life.