This mission of this blog is to:

1) Help introverts understand themselves and those they interact with better

2) Discuss philosophies and thoughts that make work more enjoyable, more meaningful, and less infinite

3) Explore small and large ways to get to financial independence, which is the main vehicle for making #2 possible.

My 20s (and okay part of my 30s) were a lost decade.  It took me a while to understand why I wasn’t enjoying my career and why I felt absolutely crushed by the end of the day. I had no energy and desire to socialize after work. After I researched and understood what introversion was and how it affected my energy, my life changed.

Around the same time, I found the FIRE (financial independence retire early) community. FI gave meaning to my days at work because I had a plan to reach freedom, which is what I ultimately craved as an introvert.

I learned about extroverts and their needs which made work more tolerable (and romantic relationships make more sense).  It allowed me to take adventures in big groups I would normally shy away from, give presentations at conferences, network, and to enjoy working more.

Learning about financial independence gave me a map and a reason to do all of the above. Namely, if I learned how to play the extrovert game and understand people I would earn more money and not be as stressed, which would decrease my time to financial independence.

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