Build Your Snowball: How to Get Between $5 and $500 in Free Stock

In this post I’ll show you how to get a minimum of $5 in free stock and you could receive over $500 in free stocks with some persistence.

But first, why do I care, and more importantly why should you care, about $5 in free stock. Will a measly $5 help you reach financial independence?

Yes, $5 will help your reach financial independence. You are cultivating a mindset and a decision making process that, aggregated and compounded, leads to larger and larger gains.

Warren Buffet called it his snowball. You gather twenty $5 opportunities and you have $100. When you make ten $100 decisions then you have $1,000. After you negotiate a 1% reduction in a real estate commission on your $500,000 home sale and you have $5,000.

You do this for years and years and on a bigger and bigger scales and you accumulate wealth from you seemingly small actions.

Today, let’s add to our snowballs with some simple actions that will add $5, $20, and between $2.50 and $200 to our snowballs.  This should take less than twenty minutes meaning you pull in a minimum hourly return of $82.50.

Ready? Let’s get some free stock and have some fun. 

$5 Free in Free Stock from

This one is easy. Simply use this link to get $5 in free stock on Stockpile has a fun user interface that I believe is supposed to appeal to young adults. If you want, you can set up a custodial account for your child to get them started in investing using this free stock from Stockpile.

Redeem the free stock in your new account like a gift card. Easy $5.

See? I told you this would be fun.

$10.00 in Free Stock from via Groupon

Stockpile is the gift that keeps giving!  Groupon is selling $20 Stockpile gift cards at a 50% discount. That is an easy free $10 in additional stock. Again, redeem the gift code and add the $20 to your snowball or put it in a custodial account for your child. 

Total now is $25 added, $15 free. Easy money.

For extra credit you can get additional money back by using at least one of the following at Groupon checkout (as of 12/19/17): 

  • Honey to get the $4 off your $10 purchase use code OFF at checkout
  • Ebates (6% cash back at Groupon)
  •  Piggy  (7% cash back at Groupon)

$2.50 to $200 in Free Stock From Robinhood

Okay that was fun but you’ll love this one. Remember the thrill of opening a pack of baseball cards? Well this is like that but you get a free mystery stock valued between $2.50 and $200.

Use this link to open a free Robinhood account and get a stock worth between $2.50 and $200.

What is Robinhood? Robinhood is a commission free stock trading platform. Normally, you pay a fee (around $6) to trade stocks and Exchange Traded Funds. Robinhood is free to trade.

I am using Robinhood to experiment with a dividend stock investing strategy. Since I am using a small amount of money for the experiment, it is important that trading commissions do not eat away at my gains.

When I signed up I got Zynga (ZNGA), the infamous creator of Farmville. It was valued at $3.72 at the time. I sold it to work on my dividend strategy.

Coincidentally, Mrs. FIIntrovert received Groupon (GRPN). I believe she still has her share.

You can get a free stock for opening a Robinhood account and begin trading for free as well.  Once you have your free stock, you can begin referring your friends and family to Robinhood and receive up to $500 in free stocks.

Congratulations! How did it go?

For very little effort, you grew your investments and snowball toward financial independence with small steps:

  • $5 free stock from Stockpile ($5)
  • $20 more in your Stockpile with $10 in free stock from Groupon purchase ($25)
  • Between $2.50 and $200 in a free stock with Robinhood ($27.50 to $225)
  • Chance for $500 in free stocks from Robinhood when you refer people ($527.50 to $725)

I hope you had some fun doing this, especially receiving your free Robinhood stock. Which one did you get? Have you referred any friends and gotten additional stocks?

What did you buy with your Stockpile gift cards?  Did you gift free stock to your kids?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

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